SoundClip iPhone Amplifier



The SoundClip automatically boosts your iPhone sound output by a moderate 10db. That’s not too impressive but when you think about all the background noise that interferes with your personal conversation when speaking to someone on the phone outside, that extra audio boost may be the difference between your doctor knowing about ‘that problem’ and everyone.

The SoundClip can be yours for $8 and its cheap for a reason. It’s a simple piece of plastic that clips onto your phone unobtrusively and in truth, you could probably get a similar audio boost by simply cupping your hands around the iPhone as you talk.

Makers TenOneDesign call the SoundClip a ‘passive audio boosting device’ and rightly so as when clipped onto the iPhone’s dock connector it doesn’t appear to be doing much but you should notice the 10 decibel increase in volume when you use the phone for other than showing off and web browsing. Is it worth the 8 bucks? Probably. Would we bother with it all the time if we bought it? Probably not. Another iPhone accessory

that fits more into the ‘meh’ category.


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