Sony KDL-32P3020 – Another Day, Another Bravia….

As you’ve probably guessed by now I’m a fan of the SONY Bravia series (not a fanboi though, don’t get it twisted…) and the SONY KDL-32P3020 is simply another good addition without being outstanding. HDTV reiveiws

takes a look at this more closely….

This is an auto-tuning HDTV so you can use it straight out of the box and pickup all the Freeview channels without having to tune and retune, it’s that easy. The colours are bright and vibrant and although the purist may have issues with true black, the rest of us won’t notice any problems.

Contrary to some other Bravia’s I’ve come across, the sound on the SONY KDL-32P3020 is better than most and you can do without re-routing your sound through home speakers or investing in a surround sound system.

As per usual with other HD Ready TV’s the Sony KDL-32P3020

SONY KDL-32P3020 works best with HD input (Sky HD, BluRay, HD-DVD etc.) but even watching standard TV the picture is excellent and you will have to be extremely hard to please to find fault with the images.

Once you’ve seen one SONY Bravia in the £400 – £600 range you’ve more or less seen them all but the dark grey casing of the SONY KDL-32P3020 makes it stand out from the crowd somewhat.

The most obvious difference between the SONY KDL-32P3020 (and the KDL series in general) and the SONY KDS series is that the SONY KDL-32P3020 comes with 2 HDMI ports as opposed to the KDS’s 3 ports (and you can never get enough HDMI ports).

In general you cannot fault the Sony KDL-32P3020

SONY KDL-32P3020 if you’re looking for a quality HDTV at a good price but if I had to choose a Bravia HDTV I’d probably go for one in the KDS series.

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