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Samsung LE37R87 – A 37 inch oddity

Straight out of the box the Samsung LE37R87

Samsung LE37R87 can be a little bright for some users but, saying that, the clarity of this latest Samsung can’t really be knocked but at HDTV Reviews

, we’re all for knocking….

Yes it will take you a while to fiddle with all the options (especially since you will probably have to switch from the default ‘dynamic’ mode to ‘standard’ in order to get the picture pitch you want) but once it is done, this high definition television will perform as good if not better than those which cost up to £200 more….For HD signals.

For Freeview and SD signals reviewers have been given conflicting reports. Some claim that the SD picture is upgraded whilst others claim that it can be fuzzy or deteriorate from scene to scene. It looks like it mostly depends on how you set your viewing options (colour, contrast etc.) so as mentioned, take the time to get it right.

Although the Samsung LE37R87

Samsung LE37R87 looks the part, this HDTV is a bit too slick… It’s like a dust magnet so if you’ve got kids, keep them away because you are definitely going to be able to see every sticky little fingerprint they leave behind (not exactly a modern look).

Again on the downside the Samsung LE37R87

Samsung LE37R87 does not come with surround sound and it outputs in 720p rather than 1080p (you can read our report on the 720 v 1080

debate here


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