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Toshiba 32C3035 – 32 inch HDTV – Toshiba ain’t what it used to be but maybe…

..just maybe…still has it….The Toshiba 32C3035 displays in 1080p so it’s a definate cut above some other HD LCD TV’s but it’s no match for the Bravia (in all honesty, what is? apart from maybe the Samsung…). Saying that, for the price (around £400 ish) it’s definatley value for money in that you get a high spec name brand quality TV at a lower price than you would get on the high street. Were going to HDTV review

this latest Toshiba and see what we can unearth…

Design wise the Toshiba 32C3035 is a departure from the norm in that the speakers have moved ‘underneath’ so to speak rather than by the sides of the screen as per the norm giving it a rather funky feel. In my eyes, 95% of all LCD TV’s look good and this modification makes the Toshiba 32C3035

Toshiba 32C3035 stand out from the pack however slightly.

Watching blu-ray or HD-DVD through one of it’s two HDMI ports gives a fantastic quality of picture and really, if you’re just looking for a great (and I do mean great) picture, easy to use setup and a decent price then the Toshiba 32C3035

Toshiba 32C3035 definately ticks those boxes.

What can be a problem is the contrast settings in dark and murkey films (such as The Warriors and any other movie where everything more or less goes on at night). You will have to be fiddling with the settings a bit to get that pitch perfect image during darker scenes and this is mainly due to the ‘true black’ setting which is excellent and yet can cause problems viewing the aforementioned scenes.

The Toshiba 32C3035 also uses 50-60Hz which is absoloutly fine for most uses but of course not as thrilling as the 100Hz used in the pricer HD ready TV sets (we have this at a great price in our HDTV shop


The Toshiba 32C3035

Toshiba 32C3035 is definatley a good buy for those wanting a solid HD ready TV without too much fuss and an upgraded viewing expereince. For those with about £100 more to spend I would recommend the Bravia series before anything at the moment.

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