SONY DR-BT101 Bluetooth Headphones



With Bluetooth being the way forward, SONY has kept the momentum going with the release of the DR-BT101 Bluetooth Headphones. Stylish design and functionality is what we have come to expect from SONY and the DR-BT101 Bluetooth Headphones do not disappoint on either front.

To be boring, we’ll list the specs which include Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, A2DP and HFP/HSP protocol so you can use it with your cell (or mobile, whatever). The DR-BT101 also comes with an embedded microphone which means you can use it as a fully functioning hands free headset to answer and cancel phone calls.

With inbuilt noise reduction and echo cancellation, the SONY DR-BT101 Bluetooth Headphones is looking like a pretty nice pair. The USB port and audio controls allowing you to control an attached PMP makes us wish that the Japanese weren’t the only ones getting it this side of summer.

Available for $78 in Japan from February 20th.






  1. Why are most of the bluetooth headsets are so bulky looking ? I mean we can build the bionic man in 70’s but have a problem making streamline headsets in 2009 ?????

    Yes I know six million dollar man was just a tv show but hopefully you all get my point.

  2. this is really nice design.i think the shape of speaker will perfectly attach with your ears.and it is not bulky at all as someone can choose of in ear bluetooth headphones.this is amazing i will say its worth buying as its from sony so will have great sound quality.i will give 10/10 to this headphone

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  4. can somebody tell me if this headset works for iphone 3gS??? please.

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