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Micky Mouse Transformer

The Micky Mouse Transformer has been released in Japan, infringing the copyright of at leas two major corporations and looking cool with it. The erstwhile racist (we know what you are really about Disney) Micky Mouse transforms into the erstwhile do-gooder Optimus Prime and, to be honest, it actually works pretty well.

OptiMouse Prime (thank you) was a crowd pleaser at this years Tokyo Toy Forum and when in truck mode, even has a mini Micky Mouse sitting in the driving seat (after all, cute

is what the Japanese are all about). It looks like the Micky Mouse Transformer will only be available in Japan for now but no doubt intrepid eBay sellers will be flogging it to European and American buyers for way above its current $40 (3,610 yen) asking price.

If the Micky Mouse Transformer tickles your fancy, grab it whilst you can as we get the feeling that there will be a gaggle of copyright lawyers banging on the manufacturers doors any minute now…




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