Smartphone Trends for 2019

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The smartphone has become an everyday tool like the Biro pen was in its day. Therefore it is only natural that we all keep a keen eye on the trends that are influencing this industry. And the smartphone trends for 2019 are just as you expect, out of this world.

Foldable Phones

Of course, there is the top trend that everyone has been talking about, some (like Samsung) for longer than others. However, there seems to be absolutely no love for the big brands in the industry. This year we can safely expect a lot of “budget phone” makers to be unveiling foldable phones, where you can have a casino app where you can place your best betting odds. Naturally, this puts a lot of pressure on the top mobile phone makers.

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Dual Rear Cameras

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There is a lot that has been improving in the world of mobile communication devices. One thing that has been a hot feature since the coming of handheld computers has been the camera. And you thought it was real money best American casino online games.

The ability to take quality photographs using smartphones has been getting better with each and every phone released. The selfie camera was a game changer in its day but today it is the multiple rear cameras that are trending. With the multiple cameras, the phones have the ability to capture higher quality images of those special events.

The Rumors

In the world of tech, nothing is as reliable as the rumor mill. This is because most of the rumors are the results of strategic information leakages. And the other rumors come after intense analysis by the top minds in the business.

5G Phones are no longer supposed to be part of the rumors. The reason is that we are all expecting them to hit the market big in 2019. Many of the top mobile phone makers have already highlighted that this is the next stage in the evolution of mobile connectivity.

The real good rumor is that we might get a deviation from the iPhone’s standard. Maybe this will be the greatest surprise of the year.

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