Skullcandy Wooden Earbuds » For Block Heads



The Skullcandy Wooden Earbuds won’t make the audio sound any better but they will make you audio paraphernalia look a lot cooler. The typical Skullcandy quality lies under the wood grain exterior and the only real difference, apart from the wood, is the price.

At $99 a pair the Skullcandy Wooden Earbuds are four to five times more expensive than the typical Skull Candy headphone set so you are paying a heck of a lot of extra deniro for the wood finish. For the price you get a nice mixture of wood and electronics with laser-cut aluminium accents and a gold plated plug.

The audio

is provided via 8mm drivers and a frequency range of 20 – 20000 Hz. Good quality sound but not enough to justify the price tag for us. For you rich boys who don’t know the meaning of the word recession, you can pick up a pair of Skullcandy Wooden Earbuds over at Urban Outfitters





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