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Try this for a mouthful, the Samsung Bang & Olufsen M7600. From this point on, we’re just going to refer to it as the Samsung B&O M7600. Much more catchy wethinks. In any case, this audiophiles dream handset has just been confirmed on European shores so we felt duty bound to check it out.

With its internal audio taken care of by the funkmasters at Bang & Olufsen, the Samsung M7600‘s ‘iPhone likeness’ is somewhat dissipated, although at a passing glance, it does look a little too much at Apple’s flagship handset for our liking, and a LOT like the Helio Ocean 2

. Specs include a 2.8 inch AMOLED touchscreen, 3 megapixel camera and GPS.

There is also a bundled DJ software allowing you to scratch and record tracks so you know Samsung is going heavy on the musical abilities of the phone. With internal audio by B&O and no doubt a price tag to match we guess they have to.

The Samsung Bang & Olufsen M7600 handset is touted to be available in Europe come May, watch this space

to learn when a USA release is due.





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  1. That’s an interesting and detailed review of the Samsung M7600 Beat DJ. You mentioned everything that is important.

    We wrote something about the M7600 too. If you’re interested visit our blog.

    Best regards
    Andrea Berger

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