Sanyo PLV-Z700 Full HD Projector On A Budget



Full HD projectors are usually too expensive for the average gadget fan to buy on a whim but Sanyo looks to target this ‘cheapo’ niche with the release of their PLV-Z700 Full HD Projector this October.

It is essentially a budget version of the Sanyo’s PLV-Z2000 (or ‘entry level’ version as they like to call it ^^) but still offers the pre-requisite 1080p full HD with a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 (as opposed to the Sanyo’s PLV-Z2000 15,000:1).

The projector can, er, project a 100-inch screen from a range of about 10 feet away and comes packaged with two HDMI connectors and 21dB noise level.

The price of the Sanyo PLV-Z700 Full HD Projector is not yet confirmed but hopefully it should be well under the $2,500 of the PLV-Z2000. Have a look around sites and you could grab yourself a bargain price.

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currently in concept design…




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