Samsung Mondi » WiMAX slider



The Samsung Mondi WiMAX slider bucks the current trend of digital gadgets by going large. Big time. It’s 4.3 inch widget ready touchscreen and large QWERTY keypad are prefect for the more manly amongst you us. In another step in the right direction, the handset also comes with 4G, better knows ans WiMax

, giving you extra speedy internet access.

Other specs and software that the Samsung Mondi is packing include Winmo 6.1, MS Office, WiFi, BT 2.1, GPS with preloaded maps, 4 GB of internal memory, push email, instant messaging, 3-megapixel camera and camcorder, Opera 9.5, HDMI out and all the video and audio codec support you can wave a stick at. Nice list.

No price or release date as yet but with specs like that, it’s possible that Samsung is going after the Blackberry / Corporate Office type people so expect to pay a hefty wad of 50’s for the Samsung Mondi WiMAX handset whenever it gets released.

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