Jabra HALO Bluetooth Headphones » For Master-Cheifs?



If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that would go nicely with your Bluetooth MP3 player, then the Jabra HALO Bluetooth Headphones may be just the treat you were looking for. If you are not in the market for Bluetooth headphones then you can stop reading now and go, er, entertain yourself elsewhere.

The Jabra HALO Bluetooth Headphones can last up to six hours of playback at a time on a single charge, come with AVRCP support, Jabra’s Noise Blackout circuitry (improves the sound quality when you are on a call), and micro-USB charging. Like the Elecom XCALGO EHP-OH900 series Headphones

we reviewed recently, the HALO can also fold for storage (which also doubles as the set’s power source).

Available come May, the Jabra HALO Bluetooth Headphones can be yours for a medium priced $129.99.

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