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Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse



The Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse must be the most dangerous looking mouse we’ve seen and we know about some pretty dangerous mice

. Good looks isn’t its only trick. The Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse is also lag free, available at 2.4Ghz wired or wireless and offers a lightning quick 1ms polling rate.

Tasty specs by anyones standards and to top it off, the Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse even comes with a Teflon base just in case you, er, get into a gunfight whilst playing online (or something). The press release spiel of it being the ‘fastest mouse on or off cord’ rings truer than most marketing spiel due to its 2.4GHz of ‘gaming grade technology’ (OK that bit we don’t believe, why not just call it a processor?).

This means lag-free gaming meaning even noobs like me have a chance of actually winning a game online for once ^^.

The Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse will hit US shores for $129.99 and EU abodes for 129.99€ (lets see who wins out in the exchange-rate game ^^).


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