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R2D2 At Your Wireless Service



Webcams are pretty standard fare (depending on what your watching and transmitting of-course) but this R2D2 webcam droid makes the ordinary into a Star-Wars fans play-mate.

This is a remote control wireless webcam with an added bonus of having a light-sabre shaped remote control (yes we said light-sabre baby).

The Light-Sabre even comes with the appropriate sound effects which makes controlling your R2D2 webcam even more fun.

The unit can wirelessly transmit pictures, play your web audio, has a digital and movie camera, voice records, be used as an internet phone as well as its primary purpose of being a webcam (the light sabre flashes al sorts of funky colours depending on what you’re doing with it….

You can zoom the little tin-can around your home or office recording all it surveys whilst you sit a safe distance away, light-sabre in hand. Yes it’s a multi-functioning gadget but it’s also one heck of a boys toy even if it is a little steep at around £200+



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