Anyone Need a Light?

Zarva Zippo MP3 Player

Zarva Zippo MP3 Player

Remember Zippo lighters? Those portable mini flame throwers which if used right, ahem, could singe the eyebrows off your classmate…

Well Zippos are back (if they ever went away) and this time the PC Crowd have nothing to worry about because they’re not making new lighters for us to use whilst we smoke ourselves to death, they’ve come back in the form of MP3 Players.

That’s right you can now bang your (MP3 and WMA) tunes out on this nifty little MP3 Player for $27 (almost as cheap as the original lighter!). The Zarva Zippo MP320 MP3 player is a pocket-sized gadget and its miniature screen means you’ll have no luck with getting videos on there but at the price and the size (1GB), you can get a fair amount of MP3’s and it also comes with USB and inbuilt Microphone.


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