Forget Titanium – The Future Is Bamboo

Dell bamboo computer

Will all the Eco-sensitive issues around these days it’s not wonder the Corporate desktop giant Dell have come out with this ever so environmentally friendly bamboo Computer. The as yet unnamed Dell PC is no concept and will actually be in production at some point this year.

It is comprised of recycled material (including milk jugs and bottle tops) and uses considerably less energy than a standard PC. It’s pretty compact so ideal for travelling with. The guys here at GadgetHeat

only wonder how long it’s built to last with it being entirely encased on bamboo.

The Dell bamboo is estimated to retail between $500-$700 and while no other indications have been given about it’s capabilities and technical spec, at that price, it should be fairly decent if not a powerhouse PC. Check out the Dell website for more news and other information on Dells Eco-drive.



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