R2 D2 DVD Projector – Gadget Of The Year?

Star Wars is always a winner and for the hard-core aficionado all things Star Wars and gadgets, R2D2 clones a must. You may remember a few weeks ago we revealed the R2D2 wireless webcam

, well today we take a look at it’s bigger brother, the R2 D2 Digital DVD Projector and its amazing number of functions from DVD to PS3 to iPod. Could this be the gadget of the year?

This R2D2 stands at 80 inches and looks to be one of the ultimate gadgets of the year. It has a host of functions apart from being able to project images up to 260 inches (yes that 6.6 meters baby) onto any surface, wall or ceiling, it also acts as an iPod dock and you can even hook it up to your PS3, xBox 360 or Wii to it and have the R2D2 Digital DVD Projector enable you to play games in HD. We’re not going to list all the 101 functions, instead just watch this video and you’ll get why we’re drooling over this hot little gadget.

You can pick up the R2D2 Digital DVD Projector for between £1850 and £2100 from the suppliers below – did we mention that it is fully motorized and can zoom around your pad like the real R2D2 and comes with a Millennium Falcon remote control? Enough said.
The R2D2 Digital DVD Projector looks to be available in limited stock so it’s a first come first serve basis. If it’s out of stock try one of the other suppliers on the list.


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