Pullight Dynamo – The Light Fantastic

Ever had a power cut? Of course you have and then you scramble around for the torch you’ve bought for just such emergencies. Once you have found the torch you scramble around for the batteries which you ….forgot to buy (or more likely, can’t find in the dark). Doh! Seeing this obvious niche in the market, GadgetHeat brings you news of the Pullight Dynamo.


Using the Pullight Dynamo by Sebastien Sauvage means this scenario may never arise again. The Dynamo is powered by kinetic energy generated when you pull the attached string (hence the name) like you would a yo-yo. The device stores the energy and even has an internal 3 phase motor to boost the kinetic energy you have supplied giving you a long lasting flash-light for very little effort.

The Pullight Dynamo is not only a light source but can also act as power source to charge your phone and other small electrical devices such as iPods and digital cameras. It is also splash proof so when you inevitably knock over your beverage (it being dark and all) the Pullight Dynamo will be unaffected by a little water.


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