22nd Century Soldier – This Is Not A Test

We’ve all seen the movies with futuristic soldiers, 10 times stronger than the average man and in general, a perfect killing machine. Well it looks like that ‘fun’ reality is closer than we may think as the bods at SARCOS have developed an exoskeleton that looks to tick all the boxes for a super soldiers dream.
The exoskeleton will enable soldier to easily life 200 pounds and up and we do mean easy. Not only that but it allows soldiers to be very nimble and agile even while wearing a full-metal jacket. Watch the video below to see what we mean

How soon will they be able to trim it down and filter the exoskeleton into something wearable and usable by the average grunt in the US Army? 5 years? 10 year? Next year? Who knows but it is safe to assume that if they are releasing these images for public consumption then they must be at least 2 to 5 years ahead of where the video shows and have ‘classified’ secrets that means the super soldier is a closer reality than we may think….




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  2. Wow! That is awesome.

  3. If you think that’s awsome, you should check this out:

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