PSE TAC-15 Crossbow » Kill, Kill, Kill



The PSE TAC-15 Crossbow proves that when life imitates art, the results can be truly awesome (and deadly). The crossbow looks like it stepped out of your favourite monster / zombie hunting game and into your local Walmart.

In truth, we’re not sure if you would find the PSE TAC-15 Crossbow in a Walmart as it’s $1300 price tag is likely to appeal to only the most dedicated of cool hunters / high-school mass-murders. The PSE TAC-15 Crossbow attaches itself directly to a AR-15 rifle meaning that you can shoot your victim from afar and finish them off in style with the crossbow when you’re sure yo have plenty of time to get your aim right (and make sure everyone is watching to see what a cold-hearted killer you are).

Not recommend for minors or anyone who is even slightly (meaning at all) psychotic, the PSE TAC-15 Crossbow will be available in May.


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