Portable NES – Looks a Little Wooden…


loves mods. They bring out the most creative things that the corporations just can’t afford to experiment with and we know that there’s no way the Nintendo corp would have funded this wooden portable NES. I mean, unless you have a fanboi locked in a closet somewhere, who has time to make this stuff???

That being said, we’re glad the LongHorne Engineer

who made this found the time. The wooden portable NES looks like a gameboy on quick inspection but it is actually a fully fledged NES, nestled inside a wooden case, cartridges et all. The wooden portable NES comes with a 3.5inch screen and takes a 1,500mAh battery which will last approximately 3 hours with continuous gameplay.

This cherry and birch master-piece sold for $500 when put up for auction and we wouldn’t be surprised if the LongHorn Engineer gets orders for a few more, or perhaps a call from Nintendo with news of a closet…

Wooden Portable Nes

Wooden Portable Nes

Wooden Portable Nes


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