Phosphor curved E-Ink watches



The new Phosphor curved E-Ink watches are definitely for those who prefer style over substance (us basically). The oversized watches continues Phosphor’s line of e-ink watches and adds a bit of style this time around (the last lot looked like they were made for the over-50’s crowd).

Looking like they borrowed their styling heavily from watchmakers Storm, the Phosphor curved E-Ink watches come with a large e-ink print face and are available in leather, rubber, and stainless steel bracelets. The watches also come in one of two faces – one can be toggled between a large digit and graphical view of the time, while the other offers an always-on monthly calendar and a smaller time display up top.

The watches are available now ranging between $175 and $200 for a Phosphor curved E-Ink watch of your choice.


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