Pantech Slate – Slimmest QWERTY Handheld PDA in The World



The Pantech Slate is definitely aimed at the ‘budget’ end of the hand-held PDA market. No fancy BlackBerry marketing or hype to be found here. This is a simple mobile-office gadget that does exactly what it says on the box and does it pretty well too.

At only a sliver thick, the Pantech Slate claims to be the worlds thinnest full QWERTY keyboard mobile device meaning you can slip it into your pocket and not know it’s there until you sit on it and break it.

When it comes to cellphones, thin is good but the thinner the gadget, the greater chance it cannot support your buttocks hefty weight if you leave it in your back pocket (^^).

The Pantech Slate scrimps on those features we have come to expect form a phone, packing a meagre 1.3 megapixel camera but at only $49, we couldn’t expect it to be an iPhone or BlackBerry Bold

killer could we? Features that it does have included Bluetooth, instant messaging and email connectivity.

The Pantech Slate is available at the end of the month on AT&T, expect to sign up to a two-year contract to get your hands on it (or do a quick search on ebay to get it contract free ^^).


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