Olidata Conte Ultraportable Laptop



Italian PC manufactures Olidata have unveiled their Conte Ultraportable, a 13.3-inch super-slim laptop that is oh so shiny to look at. Underneath the gloss this ultra-lightweight laptop (hence the name) hides a rather reasonable tidy package.

The Olidata Conte Ultraportable looks to be unleashed in two versions, a 16:10, 1280×800 display, and a 16:9, 1366×768 display. Both units will come with Core 2 Duo processors and a choice of either 3G or WiMax (probably depending on whereabouts in Europe you are).

With an extended battery life touted to be in the 7 hour region, fingerprint reader and 3GB RAM as standard in the 16:10 version, the Olidata Conte Ultraportable laptop looks like one to watch out for whenever it is released Stateside. When that will be however, is still unknown but you can expect to be stuck-up for around $1300 when Americans do get graced with its shiny presence.


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