Nintendo DS Lite Cables

Nintendo DS Lite CablesThe Nintendo DS Lite is made up of several components, among which includes several ribbon cables that connect the screens to a circuit board designed to display graphics properly on the screens. These Nintendo DS Lite cables

can easily become dislodged as you continue to raise and lower the top lid of the DS Lite that encases the two screens. When the ribbon cable becomes removed from its place, then the top screen will no longer work properly.

While you can send your device to a Nintendo technician, you can easily perform the repairs yourself, though you will have to void your warranty to pop open the case. You will only need tools you can find around the home.

Prepare your work space by setting a soft cloth on a clean table free from dust and debris. Put down your Nintendo DS Lite onto the cloth so that the logo faces you, opening the lid so you can see the two LCD screens facing up at you. From there, remove the four pads that encircle the upper LCD screen. You can use your fingernails or a plastic knife if you lack the fingernail length necessary to loosen the pads.

Next, remove all of the screws that were hiding under the four pads you removed using a screwdriver. You may require a jeweler’s screwdriver or the small screwdriver that comes with toy skateboards.

Pry off the front over plate to reveal the LCD screen sitting on its own. This gives you the room necessary to take out the screw that is on the green circuit board located to the left of the top LCD screen. You will need the small screwdriver to get this screw out due to its small size.

With the screw gone and set aside in a cup for safekeeping, you can remove the small green circuit board and detach it from the top LCD screen. Turn it around and put it on the soft cloth. Correctly positioned, the Nintendo logo should face up at you but appear to be upside down.

Look at the device and find the ribbon cable; it is named this as it is a cable that does look like a ribbon, and it should be on the left side of the small green circuit board that rests outside of the socket at the moment.

Take the edge of the small screwdriver and put it into the left side tab of the ribbon cable you found. This will allow you to gently lift it up so that the tab can release the ribbon partially. Complete the job by putting the flat edge of the screwdriver into the right tab and gently lifting it here as well. The ribbon cable can now be pulled out of the socket so that it detaches itself from the small green circuit board that only rests inside partially.

Take a cotton swab and dab some alcohol onto it, wiping down the socket for the ribbon cable on the small green circuit board. This allows you to clean it and remove the dust from within. Similarly, wipe down the end of the ribbon cable before tossing out the swab in the trash.

Line the ribbon cable notch with the slow on the small green circuit board, affixing the two together firmly but gently. Turn over the board and put it back into the Nintendo DS Lite console so that it is back where it originally was positioned. Firmly secure it by putting the screw back into its position as well.

Put the device back together and screw in the front cover place. Place some stick glue on the four pads and put them back in place to cover the screws.

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