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Ninja Throwing Star Magnets – Shuriken



Ever wanted to be a ninja? Me too, so when we saw these Throwing Star Magnets we knew the day had come. The Shuriken Magnets are made to look as if they are embedded into any (metal or other suitable material) surface they are attached to and apart from that, they look damn cool.

True, the only object in danger of my leet ninja-assassination skills is the fridge

but nevertheless, the Throwing Star Magnets add an air of danger to your surroundings (usually the kitchen). Available in packs of two for $19 from epaulet


Owing to the uber-cool nature of these shuriken magnets they have sold out at the time of writing but the makes will have more in stock soon so if you want to practice your ninja throwing skills until you pick up your own set of Throwing Star Magnets, you can use some banana and fruit magnets instead (obviously not as leet but you can get the practice in ^^).






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