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Nikon P90 Camera

Nikon-p90 Camera

Nikon-p90 Camera

Nikon unleashed a host of new cameras yesterday so we’ll just focus on the pick of the bunch, the Nikon P90. This is Nikon’s new megazoom camera meaning a massive 24x optical zoom so you can pick up every nook and cranny of your muse.

The Nikon P90 comes with an interesting new feature named the Best Shot Selector meaning it will take 10 pictures in quick succession then discard all but the most accurate (the one with the sharpest picture). Pretty neat. At 12.1 megapixels it doesn’t compare to something such as say, the RED 28k EPIC 617 Mysterium Monstro

but then again, what does?

Other features of this non-SLR digital Nikon P90 include 15fps, vibration reduction to handle the 26-624mm equivalent zoom range and a 3 inch LCD screen.

The Nikon P90 camera will be available in March 2009 for $400.

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