MSI U115 Hybrid Netbook



The MSI U115 Hybrid netbook is the first of a new breed – a netbook that packs both a HDD and an SSD into its compact frame. Methinks that this is the beginning of the end for hard disk drives and I, for one, am not sorry to see them go.

The U115 Hybrid Netbook comes with the SSD set-up to boot windows and run applications whilst the HDD is used for file storage. Both drives are in use simultaneously making for a reliable speedy and large capacity netbook that should be a joy to use.

Being SSD, it only comes in up-to 32GB SSD but with a max 160GB HDD backing it up that’s more than enough for a netbook. The MSI U115 Hybrid netbook also comes with an Intel Atom Processor Z530 and up-to 2GB of DDR2 533MHz RAM. Funnily enough, it ships with Windows XP and there’s no word of a Vista (or Windows 7 even) version.

No words as yet on pricing or when we will see the MSI U115 Hybrid netbook on the shelves but we reckon that it wont be long before several other manufactures get into the hybrid SSD and HDD game so watch this space…





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