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There are some concepts which, on the face of it, seem pointless but when you think about it you realise that it’s a great idea. The Help Lock doorknob by Haishan Deng is one of those concepts. It basically calls a pre-programmed emergency number if you get stuck in a room for too long. Simple but effective idea.

Ostensibly designed for people who get stuck in the bathroom for whatever reason, in principle, the Help Lock doorknob can be applied to any room in the house. You pre-program a phone number and a time limit which starts when the door is closed. Once the time runs out, the Help Lock doorknob sounds a soft alarm for 30 seconds warning you that it’s time to exit the room.

If you do not switch this first alarm off, the Help Lock doorknob sounds a much (much) louder alarm and dials your emergency number, informing them that you are unable to exit the room for some reason.

The Help Lock doorknob may not sound like the most exciting gadget we’ve ever come across but, if you think about it, it could prove a life saver for disabled people, the elderly and even small children if they have an accident or other unfortunate incident in the bathroom for example and cannot reach the door.

Haishan Deng’s Help Lock doorknob could be a life saver and we hope it’s one of those concept gadgets that actually gets picked up.




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