Logitech G13 Gaming Keyboard – True Gamers, Step Up

Yes we know, you’ve sold a billion Logitech Mice and now, the sky’s the limit but what the heck is the G13 supposed to be? With 25 programmable keys, an inbuilt LCD screen and an analogue joystick, we’re guessing that Logitech went ultra niche when they came up with the G13 gaming keyboard.

First of all, the thing looks fairly ugly but things which are ergonomically accurate usually are. No doubt all the curves are in the right places and good for your wrist when you are having a frantic game of DOW 2 but we can see that comfort comes at the price of beauty.

The Logitech G13 Keyboard‘s LCD display can be set-up to show various bits of in-game information, from how many potions or ammo you are carrying, to the usual slew of in-game abuse you receive via messages when playing a 10 year-old on-line. The back-lighting provides that extra ambience for late night, lights-off gaming and the attached joystick can add a new dimension to your game when the keyboard alone won’t cut it.

This is truly one for hardcore gamers but we think that if you know how to use it right, the Logitech G13 gaming keyboard could take your game to the next level. The Eclipse III

and Razer Arctosa

need to take notes.

The Logitech G13 Keyboard is available for $80 now. See how it compares to other gaming keyboards on a budget.

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