TokyoFlash Kisai Tenmetsu – Traffic Lights On The Blink



As per TokyoFlash

‘s usual stylee, their new offering the TokyoFlash Kisai Tenmetsu, is about as useful for telling the time as a sundial, but as cool an accessory as a.., well , cool Japanese accessory.

The Kisai Tenmetsu watch displays the time by the use of 10 flashing LED’s, each of which represents a different unit of time.

The green lights signify single units, the yellow are for batches of five units and the red for 15 units.

At least TokyoFlash is remaining consistent in their time telling fashion, with both the TokyoFlash Fire watch

and Ni

using similar color coded time measurements.

The Kisai Tenmetsu is avaialbe now from the TokyoFlash website for a princely $257.32 (why so precise with the amount? Had to be different with that as well did we???).



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