LG Arena KM900 » iPhone Bruiser?



In the world of iPhone clones, the LG Arena KM900 looks to be another. The only difference we can spot from the teaser pictures is that the screen looks like it has some 3D depth, kind of like some Linux OS we’ve seen.

Set to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in a few days time, we will have all the technical details of the LG Arena KM900 then. As we have a few days to kill, we may as well join the well document on-line speculation and say that the handset

could have Tri-band radio, FM, aGPS, WiFi, 5MP camera and a3-inch 800×480 touchscreen.

Check out the glamour shot for a glimpse of what the LG Arena KM900 handset

will look like. All will be revealed in a few days time…


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