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The Lego DeLorean is awesome. Awesome enough to get us wishing it was 1988 all over again when Back To The Future was in its heyday. Back to the present, the Lego DeLorean is a remote control Lego car that’s just uber wicked cool. Did we mention how awesome it is yet?

Built by Lego afficiendo Tyler Clites—aka Legohaulic, the only downside to the Lego DeLorean is that there are no plans or instructions on how to built it. Yet. Better believe that when they do become available we’ll have our own fleet of 88mph Lego DeLorean remote control cars to play with. Puts the Lego Barricade

to shame IMHO.

Check the video of the Lego DeLorean below.

Lego DeLoran


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