KiTT Has An Ugly Attack



Ever since GadgetHeat reviewed the KITT Knight Rider GPS

we’ve been pretty much fans of all things Knightrider and the release of these pictures featuring the new KITT car in attack mode, we’ve had our ‘Stan’ hat firmly on….the quickly yanked it off.

The Kitt Knight Rider car in attack mode looks to awesome for words as you can tell by the pictures. The car is already pretty cool in standard mode but with the flip of a switch, is transformed into Super Pursuit Mode which allegedly makes the car go faster. Looking at the actual body-kit though, the extra bodywork looks like it may actually slow the car down rather than speed it up.

Those of you who actually watched NBC‘s preview of the new Knight Rider series are probably thinking it’s pretty terrible and that they’ve massacred the memory of a cult 80’s show. Well, your right. The new Knight Rider series is pants, but the Kitt car itself, well it’s debatable but we still think it looks pretty cool.


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