Three GPS Units That Pack The Biggest Punch

We have decided to unleash another one of three point lists and this time we focus our attention on GPS. Satellite navigation is embedded in our culture, like a necessary evil, and most users will be lost, without one. In this series we present you with three units, which are worthy of being taken into account when considering your next GPS purchase.

First, we look at the Garmin Nüvi 350

. It was one of the most popular GPS units in the past year, and rightly so. The Garmin Nüvi 350 is intuitive to use and focuses on being a GPS, not a media player GPS, that many units try to be these days. Compact design combined with ease of use makes Garmin Nüvi 350

one of the best GPS units GadgetHeat has seen this year.

Second on the list is the CDT PMP GPS

. This GPS comes packed with features, for as little as $100, and by anyone standards this is a bargain. CDT PMP can, during the satellite navigation also operates as a brilliant media player. The unit can play many kinds of files, and all these features are included in the price. This means that the CDT PMP GPS

can become a recreational unit while you drive. Sweet.

Finally we come to the Knight Rider GPS

. The name – Knight Rider – is not just a gimmick. This GPS device is voiced by actor Daniel Williams, the voice of KITT in the original series. Knight Rider GPS

is made by MIO so don’t be worried if you were thinking that it was just a novelty gift knock-off. It even comes it with the flashing red lights found on the orginal KITT.

Best GPS Units

Best GPS Units

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