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jvc-everio-camcorder GZ-MG840 (60GB) and GZ-MG880

jvc-everio-camcorder GZ-MG840 (60GB) and GZ-MG880

The JVC Everio has been around for a while but the two newest models to join the line-up, the GZ-MG840 and GZ-MG880 camcorders offer something just a little bit more special than others in the range. Both shoot in 720 x 480 DVD quality and have the ever more popular YouTube mode.

The 120GB GZ-MG880 has the capacity to hold more than 28 hours of Mpeg-2 quality video, that’s a lot of footage for your collection. You can also hold 2 hours of footage on an 8GB microSDHC card. Both camcorders have 42x optical zoom, the aforementioned YouTube mode and image stabilization.

JVC Everio GZ-MG840 / GZ-MG880 Camcorders are available in red, silver and blue are avaialbe from Japan now. No announcement as yet on a US or EU release but the price point will be around the $800 for the JVC Everio GZ-MG880 and $750 for the GZ-MG840.


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  1. Both these models offer good features and design. The video quality is very good. The colors available are wonderful specially the red color.
    JVC Everio GZ-MS120 Camcorder is also a well designed camcorder. The camcorder is capable of 720p HD video and the zoom capacity is as huge as 35 x. For more details refer JVC Everio

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