Jelly Fish Broadband Router

Jelly Fish Broadband Router

This Jelly Fish Broadband Router is pretty cool looking and we can see this being as must have as a ‘lava lamp’ in many a student flat. The Jelly Fish Broadband Router is part of a project by Talk Talk casino siteleri and Goldsmith University students in London aiming at designing ‘Routers of the Future‘ and the Jelly Fish router is definitely a break from the ugly black boxes we all have hidden in the corner under our desks.

Designed by student Stephan Bischof, the Jelly Fish router is inspired by ‘the study of fluorescent properties in jellyfish anatomy and their smooth movements through water’…right. What’s really cool is that they ‘have embodied this notion into a glowing breathing sequence, which indicates bandwidth strength’. Whatever the science behind it, the Jelly Fisher router is hawt and definitely a step in the right direction away from the traditional black boxes.

Other routers in the ‘Routers of the Future‘ project include the Route O’clock (router shaped like a clock, tells the time and indicate signal strength), Energy Saving Router and the Hybrid Router that doubles up as a 60’s styled side table. Video of these and the Jelly Fisher router below.

Jelly Fish Broadband Router 2

Jelly Fish Broadband Router 3


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