iPod Touch M110 Sniper Rifle



The iPod Touch M110 Sniper Rifle gives you just the exscuse you need to go into the back yard and fire of a few hollow-tipped shots at anything that moves – your just testing out an iPod App….

Download the BulletFlight external ballistics calculator from the App Store, grab your handily placed M110 Sniper Rifle (or any other sniper rifle you just so happen to have lying around the house) and you’re good to go. Once you input the varaious variables into the app (weather, distance from target, political motivation etc), you just need to fire a shot on all the stats will be recorded by the BulletFlight App ready for you to paste to your local high-score board for country hicks.

The iPod Touch M110 Sniper Rifle isn’t one for the kiddies but we get the feeling that the kiddies with sniper weapons won’t be listening anyway. Just make sure you don’t try this one out anywahere near Washington today. I get the feeling that BulletFlight isn’t liable for stupidity….We’re sticking with Nerf Dart gun

. Who said Chicken?

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