Ipod Nano 4G Brings the Chromatic Multicolored G-Force


ipodnano 4th Gen

ipodnano 4th Gen

 The Ipod Nano 4G Chromatic returns to it’s roots both in terms of shape and slimness. The new iPod Nano Chromatic is slimmer than the 3rd generation ‘fat nano’ but slimmer albeit similar in shape to the tall 2G Nano.


The 4th generation Nano Chromatic

is available in a new range of colors including the return of the pink nano and a rather good-looking matte black Nano Chromatic 4G

with a black scroll wheel.

Price wise the Chromatic 4th Gen Nano

starts at 8GB for $149 and $199 for the 16GB version. Not cheap when you consider you can get the iPhone for free on various service plans.

Pictures below





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