Black Phonofone II – Modern Classic

Black Phonofone II

The Phonofone II iPod Dock has been around for a while and heads turned when it first cam out in White. Now Tristan Zimmerman has decided to go all dark-side on us and produce the Phonofone II in limited edition – Black.

Only 200 of these beauties will be made so you better move fast if you want one. The Black Phonofone II is powered only by the iPod Classic / iPod Touch it is attached to and uses it to amplify the sound.

In today’s retro loving age the Victrola styling of the Black Phonofone II iPod Dock makes it look pretty cool and coupled with the modern functionailty it’s definitely going to be winner in some rich guy’s (or broke but lavish spending guy) household.

If you have $600 to spare head over to CharlesandMarie

to grab your Black Phonofone II before they sell out. Alternitively, if you prefer more tradition iPod Docks (with more power) you should check out the sturdier Maxell VRSP-4000

Black Phonofone II

Black Phonofone II


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