iPhone Visual Speed Dialler – Put A Number To A Face



Assigning speed dials can be annoying, what if you could just see the face of your contact, press the face and get dialling? Sound good? Well that’s exactly what the Visual Dialler for iPhone app allows you to do and its’s pretty sweet.

Take any image from your photo album, assign a contact number to it then have the newly created icon appear on your iPhone home screen. Every time you click the app, the associated contact is automatically dialled.

The iPhone Visual dialler is a product from straight2market and whilst it is currently undergoing the (less than stringent and often bizzare) Apple appstore application process, we can safely expect to see the app apear for sale in the coming weeks or months.

Let’s hope it’s under the $5 price-point otherwise we’re going to stick with the contacts menu….If you can’t wait for Apple to give their approval, you can apply to test out the iPhone Visual dialler in a private beta from their website – link


The only drawback is that the iPhone Visual dialler application stores some of your ‘data’ on its own servers in order to turn your images into glossy icons for the iPhone home page springboard. The makers state that this is not your contact information, but this will no doubt still make some potential buyers nervous….

Check out the video of the iPhone Visual Dialler in operation after the break.




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