iPhone Gets QWERTY With It

There’s been some smoke regarding the look of the new 3G iPhone

. At first GadgetHeat didn’t really see anything new in the offing of the new 3G iPhone. It was just a little slimmer and also available in white which is nice but in truth, it was the same thing with 3G added (and a few sweet applications Apple is no doubt keeping under wraps until July 11th).

Now we’ve been hearing that there is some possibility that the new 3G iPhone will come with a QWERTY keyboard. Some say to compete with BlackBerry, which would be great for consumers. Apart from that, the new 3G iPhone looks much the same as the old, non-3G iPhone and the talk of QWERTY keyboards is exactly that, just talk, for the moment. As we said in the beginner though, there’s no smoke without fire….

If you want to see the confirmed shots of the new 3G iPhone (without QWERTY), check out our post on the new 3G iPhone

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