HPI G-Dog – Who Let The (Robot) Dogs Out?



We’ll have to admit it, we are not dog lovers here at GadgetHeat. Don’t ask why just accept it – we hate puppies. However, we are robot lovers and the HPI G-Dog, the latest robot craze from Japan, could be one doggy we could live with however (I said could, we’ll have to take a vote).

The HPI G-Dog is animated by nine servomotors powered by a pretty powerful 7.2V nickel metal hydride battery. Available in Japan at the end of the month, the G-Dog bounds in at 570g and has dimensions of 375×135×190mm. Not exactly a rottweiler then (chances of us getting one are reducing).

Able to do a range of doggy tricks such as sitting-up and begging, the robotic HPI G-Dog is controlled by a wireless pad, users wont need a lead to take it for walkies then.

You probably wont be seeing the HPI G-Dog on US or EU shores this side of the new year so we’ll have to put the G-Dog in the dog house for now (you knew it was coming but you couldn’t stop it ^^).

If we do get it though, we may just want to set it up for a fight with the Vstone Black OX robot

, I’ll be selling tickets if anyones interested…..




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