HP Mini-Q 2030 Nettop PC – Nothing To Write Home About



Taiwan gets all the good stuff first but it also get some decidedly average stuff as proved by HP unleashing their first nettop PC at a Taiwanese road show, the HP Mini-Q 2030 Nettop PC. Weighing only a few kilos the HP nettop PC is literally the bare bones of computing, coming with no monitor or other peripherals.

Inside this mini-me machine you will find (its only saving grace) a dual-core Intel 1.6GHz Atom 330 CPU, 2GB of DDR2 RAM and a 160GB 1200rpm HDD. The HP Mini-Q 2030 comes with Windows Vista, Ethernet port, VGA jack and a dual-layer DVD burner. All in all a tidy if not very inspiring package (feel free to disagree, we just don’t see the need to include PS/2 ports for a computer made in 2008 and where’s the SSD


Only available on Taiwanese shores at the moment, the HP Mini-Q 2030 nettop PC will retail for somewhere in the region of $400 in local currency. It’s slightly less powerful sister machine, the HP Mini-Q 2020 Nettop PC which comes with lower specifications and Windows XP, will hit the shelves for about $300.


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