How To Check If You Buy Quality ATV Tires

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Unless you’re an ATV racer, finding the right tire means balancing the quality with the price. Cars and trucks typically get used every day, while your quad probably only hits the trails on the occasional weekend. While you wouldn’t mind having top-quality tires, time may be as big an enemy as sharp rocks to your vehicle’s rubber. If you’re looking for Honda ATV parts online, that probably starts with the tires. Here are a couple of factors to consider:

Tire Ply

Tire strength is determined by the ply rating. If you look at the tire’s sidewall, you can see stars molded into the rubber. This isn’t how well it’s reviewed on, but a way of denoting the ply rating. Every star is the equivalent to a two-ply rating, so a tire with two stars is a four-ply tire. While not directly a way of measuring the quality of the tire, higher ply ratings have better load capacities and are more difficult to puncture.

Ply construction also influences how tires perform. Radial tires have a single layer of rubber-coated steel cables, providing a flexibility that offers better fuel economy and a smoother ride. Bias-ply construction alternates the direction of the ply, making a stiffer tire that resists puncture.

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Design and Quality

You might assume that the quality of materials used translates directly to a tire’s price and performance. You would be correct; to a certain extent. While all tires include rubber, some use the real deal while others use a synthetic compound. Real rubber is generally felt to be more durable, but the synthetic varieties have become more reliable in recent years.

The determining factor when it comes to a tire’s performance and longevity is typically its design. Tread pattern and spacing affect how your tire interacts with the terrain. This determines what the ground does to your tire as much as what your tire does to the ground.

Outstanding Parts and Apparel

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