How to Care for Your Wristwatches

analogue color executive 190819

analogue color executive 190819

Wristwatches are essential to our daily activities. We use wristwatch for keeping track of time. Time is essential to all our daily activities. A wristwatch is more than just a timepiece. It is vital to your look and style. It can be passed down from one generation to another. Additionally, luxury watches tell people a lot about their personality.

To take care of your wristwatches, we have provided some tips for you in this article. 

  • Frequent Cleaning

Most of us know the importance of cleaning and personal hygiene. However, sometimes we tend to forget about cleaning our wristwatches. Most times we don’t consider it necessary to clean our wristwatch. Keeping your watch clean prolongs the life span of your wristwatch as well as gives people an idea of your personality. To clean it, you can simply wipe it with a clean piece of cloth. Wipe from the strap to the crystal and the case.

  • Regular Servicing

Your wristwatch is a mechanical device just like your car and it has an engine. Therefore, it requires regular servicing. Wrist Watches need servicing about three times a year for it to work effectively. Some parts of your wristwatch may need lubrication aside servicing. You may also need to replace the clogs and teeth as well sometimes.

  • Avoid Magnets

Your wristwatch may not work properly if you expose it to magnets. Don’t expose your wristwatch to magnetic objects for a long period. The magnetic field can harm your wristwatch. If your wristwatch has been exposed to a magnet, take it to a repairman immediately.

  • Keep your Wristwatch in a Storage Box

When you purchase a new wristwatch, don’t throw away the storage box that comes with it. The storage box will help preserve and protect the watch. Your watch dial can become stretched if you don’t store it properly. If your watch storage box becomes damaged, invest in a new one. This will help you keep your wristwatch safe and avoid any dents because most of them come with a cushion-like material.

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  • Have Knowledge of your Wristwatch Water-resistant Ability

Research has shown that wristwatches are classified in order of their resistance to water. I’ll provide a list of water-resistant levels. 

  • 50 meters;  this level is safe for use in the shower and shallow swimming pools.
  • 100 meters; at this level, the watch is safe to use in swimming pools and diving.
  • 200 meters; watches with this number of resistance can be used for scuba diving.

You now have the basic watch care tips to keep your watch working well for a longer time.

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