How swiping changed the way we use our mobile phones

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Remember the days when using a mobile phone was all about punching the buttons to call or text? At the time even this seemed like a revelation when you considered the fact that you were now able to communicate with people over the phone while on the move. Of course, mobile phones have come a long way since we were first introduced to them.

Now we are in the age of the smartphone. Phones are no longer devices that we just use to call people; in fact many people hardly make any calls at all. Aside from texting, smartphones are used to communicate in other ways, by accessing the Internet and using social media.

We are going to take a look at how the swipe that we use on our smartphones has changed the way we use our phones overall and how businesses need to embrace this when they are creating their online content.

How the swipe changes the way we use a phone

Calling someone is no longer the major reason that most people use a mobile phone. Now that the majority of people have smartphones there is far more activity available. Many people use their smartphone to play games.

This is where swiping comes into its own. If you did not have the touchscreen abilities that are present on smartphone you would not be able to interact with games nearly as easily. You have to be able to dodge enemies, race down alleyways and fire at will.

The ability to swipe helps you to do all of these things quickly and easily. Of course, swiping can also come in useful for some far less hectic pursuits such as reading. Reading a book or magazine online is much the same as reading a hard copy publication, although obviously the swipe has replaced the physical page turn.


How business can use the swipe to their advantage

Anyone who owns a business needs to take advantage of the smartphone and tablet age when they are looking at promoting their product or service. A good example of this is the use of solutions such as contacto flipbookmakers to create online flipbooks.

Flipbooks are an excellent way for a business to provide information to potential customers without making their website appear too cluttered. A flipbook is basically an online magazine that provides a similar reading experience to that of flipping through a hard copy publication.

Flipbooks are ideal for use when a business is attempting to attract a readership that uses mobile devices to access its content. Holding a mobile device in your hand, and swiping to turn a page is a very similar experience to reading a traditional book or magazine. Using the ability to swipe helps businesses to bring its content out to the mobile using market.

You can see how giving people the ability to swipe has changed the way they interact with their mobile phone, as well as other mobile devices. It’s no longer about a conversation; it’s about gaming, reading and communicating online.

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