Hiranao Tsuboi Minimalist LED Watch



There are few timepieces as sleek and compact as the Hiranao Tsuboi Minimalist LED Watch and the fact that it is just a concept makes us want one even more. Who needs a watch face when you can just weave the time into the strap of the watch itself? We don’t that’s for sure.

The Hiranao Tsuboi Minimalist LED Watch tells the time via red LED embedded into the watch strap, effectively telling the time without the need of any further adornment.

The watch was shown off at the Tokyo Design week by Hiranao Tsuboi’s Japanese design firm, fittingly called 100% and the Minimalist LED Watch fits the company ethos by being 100% cool.

The Japanese are know for producing some cool watched like the Tokyoflash Jackpot Watch

but if the Hiranao Tsuboi Minimalist LED Watch ever goes from concept to reality we would get it 100% (edit: if it was within out $5 watch budget….)




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