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Silicon Mountain Allio 42-inch HDTV PC and Blu-ray Player



Silicon Mountain do not do things by half and their latest offering, the Allio, is testament to that. The Silicon Mountain Allio packs in a (up to) 42-inch HDTV, Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 PC and integrated Blu-ray player within its fairly slim frame.

The Silicon Mountain Allio 42-inch HDTV PC and Blu-ray Player (quite a mouthful) comes with a massive 1TB hard disk drive, Windows Home Premium and 4GB of ram making it very tasty in the PC stakes.

Add to that a 1080p panel and about 50 possible inputs and connectivity options including wireless and USB and you have a pretty nifty all-in-one machine on your hands.

Oh, and did we mention that it comes with an integrated Blu-Ray player? The Sharp AQUOS DX

was one of the first to announce HDTV with integrated Blu-Ray player but it looks like the Silicon Mountain Allio is going to beat it to market.

Prices start at around $1599 for the 32″ version and if you consider all the rather decent hardware you are getting (not to mention how much space you save), the Silicon Mountain Allio HDTV PC and Blu-ray Player looks like a good buy.


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