High-Fidelity Earplugs – Your New Gadget At The Music Concerts

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Your heart may not agree to wear earplugs at a concert as you want to enjoy insanely loud music, the reason says otherwise.

If you expose your ears to noise such as going with at a concert with naked ears, you risk damaging your ears. Research has proved that exposure to noise is clearly the most common cause of hearing loss.

That alone is a good enough reason for anyone to wear earplugs but if you need more material to make a decision, keep reading.


What’s the risk?

Going to a concert without earplugs could put you on the list of 26 million Americans who have lost their hearing due to noise.

Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when ears are exposed to 110dB. When you go to a concert, the sound is usually at a level of 120 decibels

. When you talk to other people standing next to you, the noise level is usually around 60-70dB.

The stats above clearly indicate that anyone going to a concert without noise-protection equipment is risking a lot. Hearing loss with noise above 110dB starts within 2 minutes. Imagine how much damage you are doing to your ears by going to a 3-hour concert without proper ear protection.

Not only gradual and temporary hearing loss, but exposure to such loud music at concerts can easily cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and permanent hearing loss.

How do you cancel the noise but still enjoy the music?

It’s pretty clear that everyone should protect their ears when going to concerts. The risk in exposing ears to such loud noise is too big to ignore. But what’s the solution? If you block the sound coming to your ears to protect them, you won’t be able to listen to the music.

Why would you go to a music concert if you can’t listen to anything? You won’t.

The solution to your problems is a pair of earplugs specifically designed for concert goers. They are inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. The best rated concert earplugs

actually look pretty stylish, too!


How to choose earplugs for concerts?

When you go to a concert, your ultimate goal is to listen to the music. So, you want to find plugs that allow the music to come to your ears, without damaging your eardrum

. Here is what you need to consider when choosing earplugs for concerts.

  • Think about high fidelity earplugs, also known as active noise cancellation plugs. They will cancel noise but you will be able to enjoy the music. Unlike regular plugs, they keep the music quality the same and only lower the volume using the flat attenuation technology.
  • You don’t want to choose earplugs that cancel noise completely such as foam plugs. After all, your reason to go to a concert is to listen to the music. Leave them for sleeping with a snoring partner.
  • You also want to think about your comfort when using earplugs at a concert. The best way to find comfortable earplugs is to try a few different pairs or ask a healthcare professional for a custom earplug that will fit your ears perfectly.

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